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GFW Public Schools is proud to be expanding our Grow Your Own Program. We believe in continuous improvement and are happy to help our teachers expand their expertise while impacting our students.There are two programs currently available to GFW staff. 

Increasing Diversity in Workforce

The first Grow Your Own program is focused on increasing diversity in our staff and breaking down barriers to persons of color looking to enter the field of education. The goal is to have teaching and paraprofessional staff more representative of the students that we serve. Persons of color are encouraged to apply to this program to get their teaching license with tuition support while employed in the district to get a head start on becoming a fully licensed teacher.

Increasing Special Education Staff

Another part of our Grow Your Own program is dedicated to providing current staff with tuition support to pursue a degree and become certified in special education. Adding an additional license is an incredibly beneficial opportunity for teachers, with the need for special education professionals becoming more prevalent. Any GFW teacher or paraprofessional can apply for this program.

“I was born, raised and educated in the Philippines. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science teaching degree from St. Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines. Since coming to America, I nurtured this dream of becoming a public school teacher. However, for years, this dream seemed unattainable until 2021, when GFW opened the door for the fulfillment of this heart's desire through the GFW Grow Your Own Program. I applied for the ELL teaching position, went through the interview process, and was accepted. GFW offers a sense of belonging and community and is committed to educational excellence. GFW offers a flexible atmosphere where one can implement innovative ideas, but at the same time, there is accountability. GFW is committed to educational excellence and quality professional growth with a sense of family in the schools.”

How Marilyn helps to Grow Future World Class Leaders:

By helping develop a dynamic ELL program and nurturing a whole person approach to education. Everyday, I challenge GFW students to become the best version of themselves.

- Marilyn Stutsman, ELL Teacher
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