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About Our Schools

GFW Public Schools serves the communities of Gibbon, Fairfax, Winthrop, and the surrounding townships and is renowned for extraordinary educational programs.

Our district offers exceptional opportunities for students with a dedicated staff who provide high quality instruction in a safe and caring environment. GFW students use progressive technology applications to access resources from around the world and have access to several systems of support and activities. Parents cite small class sizes, school-aged childcare, early childhood programs, and co-curricular programs as the desirable features of the school district.

GFW Elementary School - Gibbon: PreK-Grade 4
GFW Middle School - Winthrop: Grades 5-8
GFW High School - Winthrop: Grades 9-12

GFW Elementary School - Gibbon

PreK-Grade 4

GFW Elementary serves students in PreK through fourth grade and also houses the before and after school care program T-Bird Club. Our school offers a variety of opportunities for students including Social Emotional Learning specialists, dedicated literacy coaches, cultural liaisons for our English Language Learners, and excellent special education support. Students learn the T-Bird Way, focused on being respectful, responsible, and safe, and participate in STEAM, music, physical education, hands-on learning opportunities, and interact with a variety of technologies.

The best thing about working at GFW for me is the ability to start teaching children at the youngest level, to make connections with those parents, to create those fun learning experiences, and see the happiness and joy on the faces of the children as they discover and learn new things!

- Lindsay Berdan, Early Childhood Teacher

GFW Middle School - Winthrop

Grades 5-8

GFW Middle School is collocated with GFW High School and gives middle school students the perfect transition into more individualized and independent learning. Students have the opportunity to explore introduction courses for each of our three academies. The academies include Agriculture, Engineering & Manufacturing (AEM), Business, Art, Communication & Entrepreneurship (BACE), and Health Sciences and Human Services (HSHS) and are further explored in high school.

Other popular elective courses include our choir and band programs. Students are required to take one or both while in middle school. Technology is used throughout the building and courses like Career & College Readiness in eighth grade provide students a real world lens to focus their learning.

The best thing about working at GFW is watching student growth. When I first started, there was little to no hope left for one student. I'm only five months in, and staff are already telling me they've seen a change in this student for the better! I stay at GFW because I feel valued as an employee and I feel heard as well. I feel I can bring up concerns and topics to administration, and they'll take my opinion and feelings into consideration.

- Staci Wood, SEL Interventionist at GFW Middle School and High School

GFW High School - Winthrop​

Grades 9-12

GFW High School offers a wide variety of educational and athletic opportunities and is focused on supporting college and career readiness for every student. In addition to traditional course offerings, three academies provide more career exploration, hands on-learning opportunities, and ways to take learning to the next level. Academies include Agriculture, Engineering & Manufacturing (AEM), Business, Art, Communication & Entrepreneurship (BACE), and Health Sciences and Human Services (HSHS). Each academy has a variety of career pathways to help identify courses that could best prepare students for their future careers. GFW offers a wide variety of elective courses as well as college credit options and industry certifications.